Ward 32 Transportation Committee – Reports and Studies

In my never ending quest to understand the dynamic of our neighbourhoods, I have spent years collecting data and doing studies—many of which have been shared with councillors and city staff.

While not all of them prompted action, a few of them resulted in changes and my report on illegal trucks even spurred a police blitz.

If you've ever seen a fellow sitting on a folding canvas chair at the corner of Queen and Woodbine or Queen and Kingston Rd. with a clipboard during morning rush hour, it was likely me doing transit counts.

Or perhaps you might have caught a glimpse of me in the Pizza Pizza at Queen and Woodbine with my digital tally counter doing my traffic study.

My transit studies go down to the minute, my traffic studies down to the second.

I have invented methods to keep track of multiple variables, and have the skills to make graphs, add pictures, and put it all in a report.

The purpose of my studies are first to more fully understand our area, and second, to convince the city there’s a problem that needs addressing.

As councillor I will continue to do my own studies of the area in addition to working with city staff to create as complete a picture of our ward as possible.

Reports include: