Discussing Toronto’s governance

On Feb 21, 2019 I spoke at the city’s Special Committee on Governance, which was formed to take public input on how to govern Toronto now that Ford abruptly slashed council in half mid-election, and also to discuss Councillor Bradford’s motion to institute term limits. The committee has five councillors: Perks, Carroll, Holyday, Crawford, and Bailão . After being one … Read More

New lights at Dixon and Lockwood intersections

UPDATE:  March 5, 2019 The petition supporting the recommendations of the report has been submitted to Councillor Bradford’s office on Feb 26, 2019.  The petition garnered over 100 names, mostly from residents on Dixon Ave, Woodbine Ave, Lockwood Rd, and Sarah Ashbridge Ave.  We have requested a public meeting at Corpus Christie church and await the councillor’s reply. More info … Read More

Queen St East streetscape…

My years with the Beach Village BIA (2010-2016) were my first foray into volunteering, lobbying, and advocacy, and my first time on a board of directors.  The board has changed over the years, but regardless of the board’s membership I was frequently the sole voice of opposition to many ill-considered policies and plans, and found myself often discriminated against because I … Read More


This is what I like to call “auto-waste”, and it’s a policy of FAR too many businesses, organizations, and charities in the Western world. Basically it means that no matter how you sign up for something, for example entirely online, the entity you signed up with will automatically send you a bunch of wasteful paper mail you never wanted nor … Read More

Lessons from the campaign trail…

I learned ALOT from my campaign: about running a campaign but also about the community. Knocking on doors and meeting people you’d otherwise never have occasion to meet really gets one in tune with their neighbourhood. Here are some of the lessons I learned, split into community and personal:   Community lessons:   – the Beach is an affordable food … Read More

Running an environmental campaign…

As I clean up and sort out the mess in my office post-campaign I am appalled by all the waste. Hundreds of unused flyers, dozens of unused window signs, leftover buttons, stacks of paper from canvassing. So much paper and ink for such short use to be disposed of. It was tough running an environmental campaign while still being a … Read More

My thoughts post election…

First of all, congrats to all the candidates, for having the courage to put themselves out there and making an effort to reach out to the community. We had a slate of incredible and dedicated people, the ward was going to be in good hands no matter what. And kudos to Brad Bradford, he certainly worked hard for it. I told … Read More

Improving Small Business

For years people have been talking about the state of Queen St in the Beach, with our empty storefronts looking derelict and decrepit and dragging down the whole strip.  But this is not unique to Queen, it’s a problem across the city.  Danforth was very lucky to have DECA, who made a concerted effort to fill their stores.  We can … Read More

Beaches Facebook group interview

Big thanks to Denise Angus for hosting the candidates and taking the time to do these thorough and in-depth interviews. It was a rare chance in this campaign to have the time to speak comfortably at-length about certain local issues.

Responsible Development – Heartwood

The Heartwood development at Queen and Woodbine (the old Shell Station) violates our urban design guidelines as it will block the view of our historical heritage fire hall clock tower.