Inspired by the past
to build for the FUTURE!

My name is Adam Smith, and I'm running for Ward 19 Councillor.

I was born and raised in Toronto and would rather not live anywhere else in the world.  I love so much about Toronto, from the vibrancy and culture of our various neighbourhoods, to the peacefulness of our ravines and parks, to the year round public events across the wards.  But all is not well in our beloved city.

The threat of climate change looms ever closer, and every level of government is unwilling to make any real progress on halting carbon emissions while food insecurity worsens.  Poverty and homelessness are simply a permanent feature of some areas of Toronto.  Affordable housing seems close to crisis and we have a megalomaniac premier ready to pave over the greenbelt and farmland to enrich his developer friends, with not a care for climate change nor food security.

As councillor I will represent the concerns and interests of residents, not the interests of developers or big business or the city.  We are being dragged along for the ride as powerful entities shape our city in ways many residents oppose, and it's time to reverse course before we no longer recognize the city we call home.

If Toronto and other cities are going to survive into this uncertain future they need the autonomy of decision-making and capital-generation to do so.  My campaign platform is coming soon, stay tuned for a progressive vision for Ward 19 and Toronto.


My PROMISE as Councillor...

  • to represent the interests of Ward 19 residents to the city, to developers, and to businesses, and not the other way around
  • to be personally available and accessible to Ward 19 residents, not just my staff
  • to get feedback from residents from regular polling and share the results

A livable planet...

… ensuring the preservation of the environment through responsible development, and reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

a sustainable economy...

… building a resilient localized economy that can withstand the external shocks of an increasingly volatile world.

an equitable society...

... striving for an equitable society and a culture of inclusivity and support, with opportunities for everyone.


... a comprehensive plan to get all forms of transportation moving more safely and efficiently through the ward.