Elect Adam Smith for Councillor
Ward 19 Beaches-East York

My name is Adam Smith, and after years serving and volunteering in the community, I have decided to take my public service to a higher level and am running for councillor in our ward.

Our community has many shared values that I hold dear. We value our neighbourhoods, our parks and green spaces, our main streets, and our way of life—just to name but a few.

I wish to preserve all that we value so the residents living here will enjoy the same love for our community, far into the future.

I do not offer well-meaning but vague promises, rather my years serving the community doing studies and gathering evidence have given me many insights into our issues.

This has allowed me to develop a very comprehensive platform with well-defined solutions.

More importantly, it is my firm belief those solutions should be guided by public consultation—every step of the way.

As the world becomes more uncertain, we need leadership that does not waver in the face of adversity, and is willing to stand up for our values and community.

My tireless passion for this area combined with my intimate knowledge of its issues, make me a strong advocate for our ward at City Hall.

With the community empowering me, I will not accept less than the best for our ward.

I look forward to your vote on Oct. 22nd.


Adam Smith

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A Community Voice...

… bringing a voice to the community through meaningful public consultation and taking further steps to gather local opinions to better represent residents’ concerns at council.

Safe & Efficient Transportation...

… using years of evidence and observation to devise safer streets that move people more efficiently, in particular improving public transit options.

Responsible development…

...ensuring new developments do not violate existing urban design guidelines, respect the scope and character of the surrounding area, includes affordable housing, and increased density is integrated and timed with increased public transit.